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Directory Listings of The Best Puerto Rico State Process Servers.

Now you can easily find Process Servers and process service companies who perform service of process in Puerto Rico. All Great Process Servers members guarantee fast and on time service of process services and for the lowest fee

Puerto Rico Process Servers Who Specialize In Service of Process In Puerto Rico.

When You are Searching For a Local Process Server In a Particular County or City Within Puerto Rico State, Please Scroll Down Past The Statewide Process Server Listings and Click On The Location of Your Choice.

Many Great Process Servers perform service of process services throughout the entire state. Here, you can search for statewide Process Servers by state. Each state page has a complete list of all of the counties and cities where Process Servers provide local services.

Puerto Rico Process Servers, Statewide Service providers. Process Servers are waiting To Assist And Are On Demand Anywhere For Serving Court Process And Subpoena Deliveries In Puerto Rico.

This page gives you access to all locations in the state of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico private Process Servers are trained, experienced and authorized agents you can depend upon. All Puerto Rico Process Servers have been screened prior to listing in this directory. All Puerto Rico Process Servers are acutely aware of the Federal and State statues and the rules of civil procedure in their respective areas.

Some states prohibit the delivery or serving of documents on Sundays, Holidays, and/or Election Days. However, some states will allow the service of documents under special circumstances. One such circumstance is when the service of process is pursuant to a court order. Please review the laws of the state that you wish to serve your legal papers, or to have your urgent documents delivered and view the state has any delivery restrictions.

The following is a list of states that prohibit service of process on Sundays, Holidays, or Election Days:

FLORIDA: According to the Florida Statutes §48.20, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

MAINE: According to the Maine Revised Statutes §705, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

MASSACHUSETTS: According to the General Laws of Massachusetts Chapter 136, Sec. 8, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

MICHIGAN: According to the Michigan Compiled Laws §600.1831, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays and Election Days. A recent statute passed in 2005 by the state legislature also prohibited the service of civil process on a person attending a worship service of a religious organization.

MINNESOTA: According to the Minnesota Statutes §645.44(5), service of process cannot be performed on holidays.

NEW YORK: According to the New York General Business Law §11, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays. Also, according to the New York General Business Law §13, process cannot be maliciously served on Saturday upon a person who keeps Saturday as holy time.

RHODE ISLAND: According to the General Laws of Rhode Island §9-5-24, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

SOUTH DAKOTA: According to the South Dakota Codified Laws §1-5-2, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

TENNESSEE: According to the Tennessee Code Annotated §20-2-105 and 106, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays, except by a court order.

TEXAS: According to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 6, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

VIRGINIA: According to the Code of Virginia §8.01-289, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

WEST VIRGINIA: According to the West Virginia Code §56-3-16, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

In Puerto Rico Proper Service of Process is our Process Servers’ highest priority. When you send a Great Process Server a request you are guaranteed the Process Server handling your service will be equipped with all the skills, tools and support needed for accomplishing proper service and an appropriate Proof of Service Affidavit..

Please be advised, Process Servers listed on this Puerto Rico state page can assist you with service of process and subpoena delivery services on a statewide basis. Puerto Rico Process Servers travel extensively and are aligned with other team Process Servers throughout the state of Puerto Rico. The address where the company is listed may not have a bearing on and where your process services are provided.

Puerto Rico Private Process Servers Listed In This Directory are Vetted, Experienced, Care, and are Great Process Servers!

Process Servers, Subpoena, and Court Document Delivery Services Listed By City in Puerto Rico


  • Adjuntas, PR
  • Adjuntas, PR
  • Aguada, PR
  • Aguadilla, PR
  • Aguas Buenas, PR
  • Aguirre, PR
  • Aguirre, PR
  • Aibonito, PR
  • Anasco, PR
  • Angeles, PR
  • Arecibo, PR
  • Arroyo, PR
  • B

  • Bajadero, PR
  • Barceloneta, PR
  • Barranquitas, PR
  • Barrio Obrero, PR
  • Bayamon, PR
  • Boqueron, PR
  • C

  • Cabo Rojo, PR
  • Caguas, PR
  • Camuy, PR
  • Canovanas, PR
  • Caparra, PR
  • Caparra Hills, PR
  • Caparra Terrace, PR
  • Carolina, PR
  • Carolina, PR
  • Castaner, PR
  • Catano, PR
  • Cayey, PR
  • Ceiba, PR
  • Ciales, PR
  • Cidra, PR
  • Coamo, PR
  • College Park, PR
  • Comerio, PR
  • Condado, PR
  • Corozal, PR
  • Coto Laurel, PR
  • Culebra, PR
  • Cupey, PR
  • D

  • Dorado, PR
  • E

  • Ensenada, PR
  • F

  • Fajardo, PR
  • Fernandez Juncos, PR
  • Florida, PR
  • Fort Buchanan, PR
  • Fort Buchanan, PR
  • G

  • Garrochales, PR
  • Guanica, PR
  • Guayama, PR
  • Guayama, PR
  • Guayanilla, PR
  • Guaynabo, PR
  • Gurabo, PR
  • H

  • Hatillo, PR
  • Hato Rey, PR
  • Hormigueros, PR
  • Humacao, PR
  • I

  • Isabela, PR
  • Isla Verde, PR
  • J

  • Jayuya, PR
  • Juana Diaz, PR
  • Juncos, PR
  • L

  • La Plata, PR
  • Lajas, PR
  • Lares, PR
  • Las Marias, PR
  • Las Marias, PR
  • Las Marias, PR
  • Las Piedras, PR
  • Levittown, PR
  • Loiza, PR
  • Luquillo, PR
  • M

  • Manati, PR
  • Maricao, PR
  • Maunabo, PR
  • Mayaguez, PR
  • Mercedita, PR
  • Minillas, PR
  • Miramar, PR
  • Moca, PR
  • Morovis, PR
  • N

  • Naguabo, PR
  • Naranjito, PR
  • O

  • Old San Juan, PR
  • Orocovis, PR
  • P

  • Palmer, PR
  • Patillas, PR
  • Penuelas, PR
  • Ponce, PR
  • Puerta De Tierra, PR
  • Puerto Nuevo, PR
  • Puerto Real, PR
  • Punta Santiago, PR
  • Q

  • Quebradillas, PR
  • R

  • Ramey, PR
  • Rincon, PR
  • Rio Blanco, PR
  • Rio Grande, PR
  • Rio Grande, PR
  • Rio Grande, PR
  • Rio Piedras, PR
  • Roosevelt Roads, PR
  • Rosario, PR
  • S

  • Sabana Grande, PR
  • Sabana Hoyos, PR
  • Sabana Seca, PR
  • Saint Just, PR
  • Salinas, PR
  • San Antonio, PR
  • San German, PR
  • San Jose, PR
  • San Juan, PR
  • San Lorenzo, PR
  • San Sebastian, PR
  • Santa Isabel, PR
  • Santurce, PR
  • T

  • Toa Alta, PR
  • Toa Baja, PR
  • Trujillo Alto, PR
  • Trujillo Alto, PR
  • U

  • Utuado, PR
  • V

  • Vega Alta, PR
  • Vega Baja, PR
  • Vega Baja, PR
  • Viejo San Juan, PR
  • Vieques, PR
  • Villalba, PR
  • Y

  • Yabucoa, PR
  • Yauco, PR
  • Process Servers Listed By County In Puerto Rico


  • Adjuntas County
  • Aguada County
  • Aguadilla County
  • Aguas Buenas County
  • Aibonito County
  • Anasco County
  • Arecibo County
  • Arroyo County
  • B

  • Barceloneta County
  • Barranquitas County
  • Bayamon County
  • C

  • Cabo Rojo County
  • Caguas County
  • Camuy County
  • Canovanas County
  • Carolina County
  • Catano County
  • Cayey County
  • Ceiba County
  • Ciales County
  • Cidra County
  • Coamo County
  • Comerio County
  • Corozal County
  • Culebra County
  • D

  • Dorado County
  • F

  • Fajardo County
  • Florida County
  • G

  • Guanica County
  • Guayama County
  • Guayanilla County
  • Guaynabo County
  • Gurabo County
  • H

  • Hatillo County
  • Hormigueros County
  • Humacao County
  • I

  • Isabela County
  • J

  • Jayuya County
  • Juana Diaz County
  • Juncos County
  • L

  • Lajas County
  • Lares County
  • Las Marias County
  • Las Piedras County
  • Loiza County
  • Luquillo County
  • M

  • Manati County
  • Maricao County
  • Maunabo County
  • Mayaguez County
  • Moca County
  • Morovis County
  • N

  • Naguabo County
  • Naranjito County
  • O

  • Orocovis County
  • P

  • Patillas County
  • Penuelas County
  • Ponce County
  • Q

  • Quebradillas County
  • R

  • Rincon County
  • Rio Grande County
  • S

  • Sabana Grande County
  • Salinas County
  • San German County
  • San Juan County
  • San Lorenzo County
  • San Sebastian County
  • Santa Isabel County
  • T

  • Toa Alta County
  • Toa Baja County
  • Trujillo Alto County
  • U

  • Utuado County
  • V

  • Vega Alta County
  • Vega Baja County
  • Vieques County
  • Villalba County
  • Y

  • Yabucoa County
  • Yauco County
  • To Find a Process Server, Select the State or Territory Where You Need Assistance and You Will be Taken to a List of Agents to Choose From