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Welcome! Below you will find Process Servers who specialize in STATEWIDE service of process in Vermont. If you are searching for a local Process Server in a particular county or city in Vermont, please scroll down past the statewide process servers and click on the location of your choice. Also, for your convenience, another easy way to find a great process server is to simply type in the name of the county or city into the black search box field below.

A.C.E Process Servers

Contact Name: Anthony Walker

Location: Vermont

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Phone Number: 888-702-0997

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Agency for Civil Enforcement Corp.

Contact Name: Jon M. Levy

Location: Vermont

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Phone Number: 888-406-6517

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Many Great Process Servers perform service of process services throughout the entire state that they are operating within. Here, you can search for Process Servers by state. Each state page has a complete list of all of the counties and cities where Process Servers provide local services.

On Demand and On Time Process Serving Services in Vermont.

This page allows you to select the location where you need services.

Our Vermont private Process Servers are trained, experienced and authorized agents you can depend upon. All Vermont Process Servers have been screened prior to listing on this site and are consistently educated about the laws governing each service of process. Our Vermont Process Servers are acutely aware of the Federal and State statues and the rules of civil procedure in their respective areas. If our Vermont process servers are uncertain or perhaps have a question concerning proper service of process, they can access statutes which we provide online. In addition, Process Servers in Vermont with questions, or who need to discuss the particulars of a service can call or text our office for assistance at any time of the day or night and on weekends too. Our Process Servers are generally “Self Sufficient Providers”, yet they always know there is a manager on duty that they can go to when needed.

Some states prohibit the delivery or serving of documents on Sundays, Holidays, and/or Election Days. However, some states will allow the service of documents under special circumstances. One such circumstance is when the service of process is pursuant to a court order. Please review the laws of the state that you wish to serve papers, or have papers served, to see whether that state has any delivery restrictions.

The following is a list of states that prohibit service of process on Sundays, Holidays, or Election Days:

FLORIDA: According to the Florida Statutes §48.20, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

MAINE: According to the Maine Revised Statutes §705, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

MASSACHUSETTS: According to the General Laws of Massachusetts Chapter 136, Sec. 8, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

MICHIGAN: According to the Michigan Compiled Laws §600.1831, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays and Election Days. A recent statute passed in 2005 by the state legislature also prohibited the service of civil process on a person attending a worship service of a religious organization.

MINNESOTA: According to the Minnesota Statutes §645.44(5), service of process cannot be performed on holidays.

NEW YORK: According to the New York General Business Law §11, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays. Also, according to the New York General Business Law §13, process cannot be maliciously served on Saturday upon a person who keeps Saturday as holy time.

RHODE ISLAND: According to the General Laws of Rhode Island §9-5-24, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

SOUTH DAKOTA: According to the South Dakota Codified Laws §1-5-2, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

TENNESSEE: According to the Tennessee Code Annotated §20-2-105 and 106, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays, except by a court order.

TEXAS: According to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 6, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

VIRGINIA: According to the Code of Virginia §8.01-289, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

WEST VIRGINIA: According to the West Virginia Code §56-3-16, service of process cannot be performed on Sundays.

In Vermont Proper Service of Process is our Process Servers’ highest priority. When you send us a Great Process Server a request you are guaranteed the process server handling your service will be equipped with all the skills, tools and support needed for accomplishing proper service and an appropriate Proof of Service Affidavit..

Please be advised, anyone listed on this Vermont page can assist you with service of process on a statewide basis. Vermont Process Servers travel extensively and are aligned with process servers throughout the state. The address where the company is listed may not have a bearing on and where your process services are provided.

Vermont Private Process Servers in this directory are Great Process Servers!

Private Process Servers by City in Vermont


  • Adamant, VT
  • Albany, VT
  • Alburg, VT
  • Alburgh, VT
  • Arlington, VT
  • Ascutney, VT
  • Averill, VT
  • B

  • Bakersfield, VT
  • Barnard, VT
  • Barnet, VT
  • Barre, VT
  • Barton, VT
  • Beebe Plain, VT
  • Beecher Falls, VT
  • Bellows Falls, VT
  • Belmont, VT
  • Belvidere Center, VT
  • Bennington, VT
  • Benson, VT
  • Bethel, VT
  • Bomoseen, VT
  • Bondville, VT
  • Bradford, VT
  • Brandon, VT
  • Brattleboro, VT
  • Bridgewater, VT
  • Bridgewater Corners, VT
  • Bridport, VT
  • Bristol, VT
  • Brookfield, VT
  • Brownsville, VT
  • Burlington, VT
  • C

  • Cabot, VT
  • Calais, VT
  • Cambridge, VT
  • Cambridgeport, VT
  • Canaan, VT
  • Castleton, VT
  • Cavendish, VT
  • Center Rutland, VT
  • Charlotte, VT
  • Chelsea, VT
  • Chester, VT
  • Chester Depot, VT
  • Chittenden, VT
  • Colchester, VT
  • Concord, VT
  • Corinth, VT
  • Coventry, VT
  • Craftsbury, VT
  • Craftsbury Common, VT
  • Cuttingsville, VT
  • D

  • Danby, VT
  • Danville, VT
  • Derby, VT
  • Derby Line, VT
  • Dorset, VT
  • E

  • East Arlington, VT
  • East Barre, VT
  • East Berkshire, VT
  • East Burke, VT
  • East Calais, VT
  • East Charleston, VT
  • East Corinth, VT
  • East Dorset, VT
  • East Dover, VT
  • East Fairfield, VT
  • East Hardwick, VT
  • East Haven, VT
  • East Middlebury, VT
  • East Montpelier, VT
  • East Poultney, VT
  • East Randolph, VT
  • East Ryegate, VT
  • East Saint Johnsbury, VT
  • East Thetford, VT
  • East Wallingford, VT
  • Eden, VT
  • Eden Mills, VT
  • Enosburg Falls, VT
  • Essex, VT
  • Essex Junction, VT
  • F

  • Fair Haven, VT
  • Fairfax, VT
  • Fairfield, VT
  • Fairlee, VT
  • Ferrisburg, VT
  • Ferrisburgh, VT
  • Florence, VT
  • Forest Dale, VT
  • Franklin, VT
  • G

  • Gaysville, VT
  • Gilman, VT
  • Glover, VT
  • Grafton, VT
  • Granby, VT
  • Grand Isle, VT
  • Graniteville, VT
  • Granville, VT
  • Greensboro, VT
  • Greensboro Bend, VT
  • Groton, VT
  • Guildhall, VT
  • H

  • Hancock, VT
  • Hardwick, VT
  • Hartford, VT
  • Hartland, VT
  • Hartland Four Corners, VT
  • Highgate Center, VT
  • Highgate Springs, VT
  • Hinesburg, VT
  • Huntington, VT
  • Hyde Park, VT
  • Hydeville, VT
  • I

  • Irasburg, VT
  • Island Pond, VT
  • Isle La Motte, VT
  • J

  • Jacksonville, VT
  • Jamaica, VT
  • Jeffersonville, VT
  • Jericho, VT
  • Johnson, VT
  • Jonesville, VT
  • K

  • Killington, VT
  • L

  • Lake Elmore, VT
  • Londonderry, VT
  • Lowell, VT
  • Lower Waterford, VT
  • Ludlow, VT
  • Lunenburg, VT
  • Lyndon, VT
  • Lyndon Center, VT
  • Lyndonville, VT
  • M

  • Manchester, VT
  • Manchester Center, VT
  • Marlboro, VT
  • Marshfield, VT
  • Mc Indoe Falls, VT
  • Middlebury, VT
  • Middletown Springs, VT
  • Milton, VT
  • Monkton, VT
  • Montgomery, VT
  • Montgomery Center, VT
  • Montpelier, VT
  • Moretown, VT
  • Morgan, VT
  • Morrisville, VT
  • Moscow, VT
  • Mount Holly, VT
  • N

  • New Haven, VT
  • Newbury, VT
  • Newfane, VT
  • Newport, VT
  • Newport Center, VT
  • North Bennington, VT
  • North Clarendon, VT
  • North Concord, VT
  • North Ferrisburg, VT
  • North Ferrisburgh, VT
  • North Hartland, VT
  • North Hero, VT
  • North Hyde Park, VT
  • North Montpelier, VT
  • North Pomfret, VT
  • North Pownal, VT
  • North Springfield, VT
  • North Thetford, VT
  • North Troy, VT
  • Northfield, VT
  • Northfield Falls, VT
  • Norton, VT
  • Norwich, VT
  • O

  • Orleans, VT
  • Orwell, VT
  • P

  • Passumpsic, VT
  • Pawlet, VT
  • Peacham, VT
  • Perkinsville, VT
  • Peru, VT
  • Pittsfield, VT
  • Pittsford, VT
  • Plainfield, VT
  • Plymouth, VT
  • Post Mills, VT
  • Poultney, VT
  • Pownal, VT
  • Proctor, VT
  • Proctorsville, VT
  • Putney, VT
  • Q

  • Quechee, VT
  • R

  • Randolph, VT
  • Randolph Center, VT
  • Reading, VT
  • Readsboro, VT
  • Richford, VT
  • Richmond, VT
  • Ripton, VT
  • Rochester, VT
  • Roxbury, VT
  • Rupert, VT
  • Rutland, VT
  • S

  • Saint Albans, VT
  • Saint Albans Bay, VT
  • Saint Johnsbury, VT
  • Saint Johnsbury Center, VT
  • Salisbury, VT
  • Saxtons River, VT
  • Shaftsbury, VT
  • Sharon, VT
  • Sheffield, VT
  • Shelburne, VT
  • Sheldon, VT
  • Sheldon Springs, VT
  • Shoreham, VT
  • South Barre, VT
  • South Burlington, VT
  • South Hero, VT
  • South Londonderry, VT
  • South Newfane, VT
  • South Pomfret, VT
  • South Royalton, VT
  • South Ryegate, VT
  • South Strafford, VT
  • South Woodstock, VT
  • Springfield, VT
  • Stamford, VT
  • Starksboro, VT
  • Stockbridge, VT
  • Stowe, VT
  • Strafford, VT
  • Sutton, VT
  • Swanton, VT
  • T

  • Taftsville, VT
  • Thetford, VT
  • Thetford Center, VT
  • Topsham, VT
  • Townshend, VT
  • Troy, VT
  • Tunbridge, VT
  • U

  • Underhill, VT
  • Underhill Center, VT
  • V

  • Vergennes, VT
  • Vernon, VT
  • Vershire, VT
  • W

  • Waitsfield, VT
  • Wallingford, VT
  • Wardsboro, VT
  • Warren, VT
  • Washington, VT
  • Waterbury, VT
  • Waterbury Center, VT
  • Waterville, VT
  • Websterville, VT
  • Wells, VT
  • Wells River, VT
  • West Burke, VT
  • West Charleston, VT
  • West Danville, VT
  • West Dover, VT
  • West Dummerston, VT
  • West Fairlee, VT
  • West Glover, VT
  • West Halifax, VT
  • West Hartford, VT
  • West Newbury, VT
  • West Pawlet, VT
  • West Rupert, VT
  • West Rutland, VT
  • West Topsham, VT
  • West Townshend, VT
  • West Wardsboro, VT
  • Westfield, VT
  • Westford, VT
  • Westminster, VT
  • Westminster Station, VT
  • Weston, VT
  • White River Junction, VT
  • Whiting, VT
  • Whitingham, VT
  • Wilder, VT
  • Williamstown, VT
  • Williamsville, VT
  • Williston, VT
  • Wilmington, VT
  • Windsor, VT
  • Winooski, VT
  • Wolcott, VT
  • Woodbury, VT
  • Woodstock, VT
  • Worcester, VT