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Welch Attorney Service

Contact Name: James Welch

Location: P.O. Box 5129, Hemet, Riverside County, California 92544

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Phone Number: (951) 766-6640

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We highlighted this local Process Server and document delivery expert in our directory because we believe the services you are seeking will be handled properly by this agent.

Here at the great Process Servers directory we take pride in offering you the best and most reliable agents who are available to assist you with all your service needs. It makes no difference to a Process Server if you are serving a defendant, respondent or witness; all service of process is handled the same way that is, the proper way!

Service of Process and Delivery of Legal Documents in Hemet

Now that you are here you can simply click on the links that will bring you directly to this agent or you can continue to search for other Process Servers. Rest assured, listed agents in our directory deserve to be here because of their impeccable reputation and experience. You should also know, every agent listed in the directory does NOT pay to be here. Unlike the leading paid for directory’s where you will encounter Process Server’s (who may not be the best) that pay to attract you, this directory does not have the same motive. All we aim to do is assist the legal community with finding the most appropriate and experienced agent in California and beyond.

Here at the great Process Servers directory, nothing hidden from you; simply put, its free and easy to search for find and connect with a Process Server! You click, you find, and you hire …. Simple steps, free and the best results. Everybody wins and ultimately the services you need will be handled professionally, will allow you to have peace of mind and ultimately gain jurisdiction upon the subject!

To prepare you for retaining a Process Server in Hemet, we recommend the following:

1. Before you email or call to obtain a quote or to confirm services you will need to know the address where the person or business whom you need to deliver and service legal documents to is located. If your service is directed at a business, make sure you have the correct and complete address. If your service of process is directed at a witness, respondent or defendant it is essential you have that person’s home address or place of employment. If you are not sure of the address and need assistance the Process Server above can assist you with locating and skip trace services or you can call 888-406-6517 for additional and free consultation.

2. You should know your required timing. That is, when do you need services to start and what is the required date your service must be completed by. Please be advised, most requests are timed as “routine” service. Routine services take place within a week to ten days and are the least expensive. If you are requiring faster service, there is always rush service which can take place within 2 – 3 business days. Rush service is generally more expensive than routine service. And, if you need even faster assistance, you can request same day service! Same Day service can result in up to triple the routine fee! So, when you connect with your agent be prepared to discuss your specific timing needs.

3. Please be prepared to scan your documents. Its best to convert your documents into a digital format (Pdf is the best) so you can send them by email. This is a huge time and cost saving aspect of the hiring process. If you cannot scan and send your documents by email, you should discuss this immediately with the agent. Some agents travel extensively and do not attend their address on a regular basis. It is imperative you consider the manner of delivering your documents to the agent.

4. You must direct the agent how the court requires service to be made. That is, agents usually serve process in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where the legal issue arose. Please make sure you tell the agent the exact type of service you need. For example, do you need personal service only? Can the agent sub – serve the defendant, respondent or witness? Can the documents be posted, if so, after how many attempts? Further, some service of process services requires confirming military status, mailings and images. It would behoove you to be clear about your service needs and what your court (or you) require to properly effect service.

5. After your agent receives your documents you will be required to pay for the service as all services must be prepaid prior to activation. If you believe setting up an account is in your best interest and prefer the agent bills your office, please request an account form your agent.

6. Considering all the above is confirmed and in place, your California agent will get to work in the manner you requested.

7. As services are performed you will be updated with status of your service request and when new details are available.

8. If for any reason service cannot be made your Hemet Process Server will contact, you immediately.

9. If the address is not correct, the person your agent is trying to service is elusive or the person you are seeking to serve process upon does not reside at the address, ask your agent for advice. Agents who are on the ground and performing service will always have an alternate plan for you. Of course, if you have a new directive, please offer it! Please be advised, additional addresses and efforts beyond your initial agreement with the agent will incur add on fees.

10. Upon completion of your request regardless of the results you will receive a detailed affidavit / proof / return of service stating all the facts and information realized during time and service performed. This document is a sworn statement and will be as explicit as possible.

To get started and move your service along we encourage you to connect with Welch Attorney Service